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    Reception desk

    Remember that our reception desk staff do not collect your parcels.

    Pro Tip

    Are you ordering something big? Inform the courier about the corridor dimensions of your office and its location on a given floor.

    Small and medium-sized parcels

    Couriers with medium-sized or small parcels may use one of the main entrances. On the ground floor there is a courier zone. This is the only area where couriers may wait to meet you as they deliver your parcel. They are not allowed to walk around the building or sit in different areas of the reception lobby.

    For large shipments, such as office furniture or water supplies, the courier should use the delivery zone (see the section on larger deliveries below).

    Large parcels

    Trucks should park in designated delivery area. Larger shipments should be delivered through the building’s rear entrances on the ground floor.

    Remember that furniture or other large cargo should be delivered outside of working hours only (6:00 PM – 8:00 AM). The Building Manager should always be notified in advance.

    Dimensions of cargo lift at Globalworth Square