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    M2C Security Solutions, the building’s security company, works 24/7. The security officers have their responsibilities, such as staffing the reception after hours or in case of a receptionist’s absence, as well as their rights, such as being able to ask all people entering and exiting Globalworth Square to state the purpose of their visit. All of this is for your safety.

    For your comfort & safety, our security staff carries out following tasks:

    Guiding and assisting visitors, tenants and the management team at Globalworth Square.

    Providing assistance in case of emergency.

    Paying special attention to and assisting people with disabilities who visit Globalworth Square.

    Verifying and controlling access for couriers.

    Coordinating traffic in the parking lots in case of an accident and taking necessary measures against drivers who park improperly by informing the Building Manager.

    Contributing to a civil and pleasant atmosphere on the premises.

    Preventing any fights, altercations, scandals, and the like in accordance with the approved security plan.

    Preventing theft in accordance with the approved security plan.

    Preventing terrorist operations in accordance with the approved security plan.

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